ETCBL Global

ETCBL Global, an Engineering Support Provider, was established in 2013 in Dhaka, Bangladesh to provide design consultancy services for new and existing overhead transmission lines and Substation projects of Bangladesh up to 400kV & beyond. Initially we were providing services only in the projects based on Bangladesh. In 2020, we decided to extend our service in international markets and changed our name from Electricity Transmission Consultants Bd. Ltd to ETCBL Global. We are currently offering engineering consultancy and related management services up to 500kV projects in overseas countries like Nepal, Myanmar & Australia.

We have successfully secured and executed lots of projects from various international clients who got the work from different Utility companies under different funding agencies. Clients such as GS Korea, KEC, SEAN, LS Cables, RJE Global, Aerodyne Group, L & T, FEPEC, CCCE, ZEPDI, HG Power, Hanbaek, SEPCO1, Max, Siemens, Confidence, Energypac, APS, CNEEC, CEEC-ZEPDI are a great testimony to our service.

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